Enter money out as a cash refund

This explains how to record a refund for something you've sold where you don't have an invoice or a credit note.

The refund could be for:

  • A customer where you haven't sent an invoice or credit note.

  • A cash sales or a sale that's not to a regular customer.

How this works

To help reduce errors, we set up categories so they can only be selected for certain types of transactions. For example, you might only want to be able to select sales on receipts.

We also normally only allow you to choose a customer when recording money in.

Using the refund option allows you to:

  • Create a money out transaction for a customer.

  • Select an sales for the refund without having to change the visibility setting on the first.

Record money out for a cash refund

  1. From Banking, choose the relevant bank account.
  2. Select New, then Money Out.
  3. Choose the Enter a refund for a sale link.
  4. Enter the details of the transaction you want to refund.

    You must specify the

    • Bank Account

    • Date Received

    • Amount Received

    • Details

  5. If the refund was for several items relating to different categories, enter these on separate lines.

    Don't forget, the total value of all the separate lines must add up to the total values of the refund.

  6. Choose Save.

The payment shows on the list of transactions for the relevant bank account.