Create the Receipts and Payments Day Book report

You can use the Receipts and Payments Day Book report to view the different banking transactions on one report. The report shows an overview of each transaction including the type, customer or vendor, net and tax amounts. You can view information for a specific date range and for all transactions or for certain transaction types.

You can run the report for either receipts or payments. The report includes the following transaction types:


  • Customer receipts
  • Vendor refunds
  • Other receipts
  • Bank receipts
  • Tax payments


  • Vendor payments
  • Customer refunds
  • Other payments
  • Bank payments
  • Staff payments
  • Revenue payments
  • Tax payments

To view the report

  1. Go to Reporting.
  2. Under Cash Reports, click Receipts and Payments Day Book.
  3. To search for a particular transaction, enter the details in the Type to search field. You can search by reference, customer, vendor, or value. To search for a credit note by value, enter a negative amount.

  4. From the Period menu, select one of the options, such as This Month or This Year.
  5. Click More to filter the report by account and transaction type. You can further filter by receipts and payments.
  6. To view details of a transaction, click the transaction's row. Then to return to the report, click your browser's Back button.
  7. To save or print the report, click Export and then select CSV or PDF.

    When the report is ready, a message appears on the menu bar. The amount of time needed to generate the report depends on the amount of data you're exporting. You can continue working while waiting.

  8. After the report has been generated, click the reports menu button on the toolbar, and select the report.

    Depending on how you chose to export the report, one of the following happens depending on which browser you're using.

    • CSV files are either automatically downloaded, or you're asked to save the file.
    • PDF files open in a new window or tab. Use your browser's toolbar options to print or save the report.