About the Sales Quotes and Estimates list

You can view any sales quotes or estimates that you've sent to prospective customers by clicking Quotes & Estimates from Sales.

From this list, you can:

  • Enter a new quote or estimate.
  • View details of an existing quote or estimate – To do this, click the quote or estimate you want to see.
  • Search for specific quotes or estimates.

To filter the list

You can filter the list by date range, status (such as Draft, Pending, Invoiced, Expired, or Declined), or by type.

  1. Click the Filter button.
  2. From the Status list, select All or a status.
  3. Click Close.

To return to the default list, click the Filter button, then click Reset Filters.

To sort the list

You can sort the order of the sales quotes or estimates by clicking a column heading to sort in ascending or descending order.

The action toolbar

You can use the action toolbar to print, export, copy, or delete your sales quotes or estimates.

  1. Select the check box next to the required sales quotes or estimates. To select all items, select the check box at the top left corner of the grid.
  2. At the top of the list, click the icon for the action you want to perform:


    The sales quotes or estimates list opens in a new browser window or tab, where you can print or save the page.


    Enter the email address and any information you want to appear in the body of the email. Click Send. The email is sent to the specified address.


    Depending on your web browser, the CSV file either downloads automatically to your Downloads folder or you may receive a prompt asking you to save the file to your computer.


    The sales quotes or estimates list opens as a PDF in a new browser window or tab. From your browser menu, choose to print or save the page.

    Copy The New Sales Quote (or New Sales Estimate) page opens, with the details of the selected document. Click Save to save an exact copy with a new number or edit the details and then click Save.

    Use this to delete the selected document (or documents).