Import and export stock, non-stock products and services

This explains how to import new records, export records, and update existing records from spreadsheets (CSV files). Learn how to

Import new product and service records

Use the section to learn how to import new product and service records from a spreadsheet (CSV file)

If you want to update existing records, see Update existing products and services.

Before you begin

Please consider the following items before importing your products and services:

  • The headings in the CSV file must exactly match the headings used in the CSV file template. We recommend that you download the CSV template file first to make sure the headings are correct.

  • The Item Code and Description are mandatory. Other cells can be left blank.

  • When importing Categories, make sure you have already created your categories and sub-categories. To import a sub-category, the row must also include the correct category.

  • When importing Analysis Types, make sure you have already created your analysis types and the analysis type is Active for the correct type of record; Stock, Non-stock or Service.

  • To import both products and services, you must create a CSV file for products and another for services.
  • The maximum file size you can import is 0.5 MB.
  • You can import up to ten prices.

Download the CSV file template

  1. Go to Products and Services, and then select Import items from the New Item drop-down.
  2. Choose the type of item to import: Stock, Non-stock or Service.

  3. Select the template CSV file link.

Prepare the CSV file

  1. Make sure you keep the column headings as they are in the template.
  2. Delete the sample data in the template and replace with details of your new products and services.

Import your product and service records

  1. Click Products & Services.
  2. Click New Item and click Import Items.
  3. Click the type of items you want to import; Stock, Non-stock, or Service:
  1. Choose Upload your CSV file, or drag and drop your file.

    If for any reason the upload fails, a message indicates why. Fix any issues, and then upload the file. For more information about the correct CSV file format, see sections above for the product and service file formats.

  2. Click OK.

Export products and services

There are 2 ways to products and services

  • Use the option to Export all records.

  • Export selected records from the products and services list.

Export all records

This exports all stock, non-stock or services records to separate CSV files. The export contains all fields in the records except Analysis Types.

  1. From Contacts, select Products and Services.

  2. Choose Export all from the New item drop-down.

  3. Choose the type of item to export, and select Export.

  4. The export file may take a few minutes to create. Check for a notification on the toolbar to tell you when the file is ready.

    You can only export one file at a time, so wait for the export to complete before requesting to export again.

Export selected records

This only exports the fields visible on the list for the selected records. Use the icon to add or remove fields before exporting.

  1. From Contacts, select Products and Services.

  2. Select the records to export.

  3. Select the CSV icon from the action toolbar.

Update existing products and services

This section explains how to update existing item records from a spreadsheet (CSV file).

To make sure we can identify and update existing records, we use a unique ID. To include this ID in your spreadsheet, you must export all your records first, then update the exported spreadsheet and re-import it. This is to make sure that you avoid creating duplicates. When the Uniqiue ID column is blank, we create a new record.

  1. Export all your product and service records to a spreadsheet following the steps above.

  2. Open the exported file and make your required changes and then save your file.

  3. From the navigation bar select Products and Services.

  4. Select Update items from the New item drop down.

  5. Drag and drop your updated file, or select Choose, then select Upload file.

  6. Choose how to handle empty cells in your CSV file then Continue.

  7. You'll view a summary of the file you're about to import, when you're happy select Start import.